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We are available on a 24 hour basis to service all solar equipment in Kandahar and other districts of Afghanistan.


All installations are carried out by our own personnel or licensed dealers, depending on geographic location.


We provide planned maintenance to all solar equipment installed by us.


All parts and equipment bear the manufacturer’s warranty.

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About Us

Afghan wind & solar ltd Services is the renowned distributor of Trojan Battery, OutBack power inverters and Solar Products in Afghanistan. It was established in 2007, by the technical prodigy Mr. Hamid Helmandi and Engineer M Qasam Our Company is poised for a giant leap in developing solar power products spreading its wings in Telecom, rural/urban and industrial power, water pumping industry.

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Alama habibi watt Elahi market Zarnigar saloon

Kandahar, Afghanistan

Local No: +93 700 326 660

Foreign No: +1 818 943 2911

Email: afghanwindsolar@gmail.com

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